Websites for Kids

Click on the pictures to access each site.  If you have suggested free sites to add to this page, please leave a comment on the feedback page.

The website and facebook page have daily short readings about a current event with 3 levels of mathematics questions.  Question levels range from Little Ones (pre-k) to Big Kids (Gr 2+).  A great way to get daily math into your family's routine.  Past topics have included a sheep parade through Madrid, flight patterns over the Atlantic Ocean, and a new invention to help ketchup glide out of its bottle.

Monthly challenges for students in Early Elementary to High School along with a great archive of challenges and activities.  The website has also recently added a section for Early Years with ideas for introducing mathematics into the daily lives of our pre-k and Kindergarten students.

Created by three teachers who believe that math has an undeserved bad reputation.  Math Munch is a weekly digest of the mathematical internet containing connections between mathematics and art, programming, game creation and more.

TED, a non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, has a TED education division.  TED Ed has videos on a variety of topics including some cool videos about mathematics!  

The Game About Squares is a great game for encourage perseverance and a lot of fun.  Very simple to learn, but surprisingly challenging to master.  You can play the game on their website or download the App.

Utah State University's National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has  hundreds of online tools students might find helpful with their homework - 
virtual base ten blocks, fraction tiles and algebra tiles to name a few.


How to Learn Math is a free class for learners of all levels of mathematics. It combines really important information on the brain and learning with new evidence on the best ways to approach and learn math effectively. This class will give learners of math the information they need to become powerful math learners, it will correct any misconceptions they have about what math is, and it will teach them about their own potential to succeed and the strategies needed to approach math effectively. If you have had past negative experiences with math this will help change your relationship to one that is positive and powerful.

Greg Tang has written some great books including The Grapes of Math and Math-terpieces.  His website has many great games including Kakooma and Breakapart.

Set and Set Jr. are great games for building pattern recognition skills for 5-99 year olds.  The New York Times offers a free daily puzzle based on the card game, which can be accessed from their website.

If you aren't quite sure how to do one of the problems on your math homework, LearnZillion may be able to help.  They have thousands of videos on 2nd grade to High School Geometry mathematics topics.

Scratch is a programming language and online community, created by MIT, where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games and animations.  As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratives, and reason systematically.  The website was generally designed for kids ages 8-16, but it is currently used by kids of all ages AND their parents!