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Family members play a critical role in helping students succeed in math, but sometimes it's hard to know how to help or where to start. Here are some helpful resources for families.

General Math Education Resources for Families
Family Math Corner - Resources for helping children with math 
Bedtime Math - Free daily math problems, videos, and other resources for families to make math fun and engaging
Talking Math with your Kids - Christopher Danielson is a college math professor and parent.  His website has great ideas for fun, mathematical discussions with your kids.
Math Education Today - Information about how math is taught and approached in schools
Help Your Child Succeed in Math - Tips for supporting children's learning
Letter to Parents - A letter written by a teacher for parents explaining how computation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) is taught to make sense for students
Common Core Information for Parents - Links to many parent resources about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Homework Resources

Homework Help - Tips for how to help with homework

Stumped by a certain math term?  Here is an interactive Math Dictionary.

Math at Home

Math is all around us, everywhere and everyday!  Below are some links with ideas to help you find math at home.

Local Community Resources

AB PIP STEM - Acton-Boxborough Parent Involvement Project (PIP) hosts enrichment events in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), including Family Math Game Nights and Market Math for grades 3 and 5. PIP sells SummerSkills Math workbooks as a fundraiser. Click the link for events calendar and volunteer opportunities.

Program-Specific Math Resources
The different elementary schools in Acton and Boxborough use different math programs to meet common learning goals and standards.  In some cases, different grades within the same school may use different programs.  Although specific programs developed the resources below, they all provide appropriate information regardless of the program your child’s school uses. These online resources are available to everyone.  

Everyday Math

The University of Chicago provides a
Resource and Information Center for Everyday Math. It includes links for games, activities, and extra practice.

Investigations in Number, Data and Space

TERC is a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA that works to improve math and science education.  They developed the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space curriculum used in the primary grades in some Acton schools.  Click here for their family information page.

Go Math

Several of the Acton-Boxborough Elementary Schools are using Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt's Go Math at various grades in 2014-15.  Click here for the research-based framework for Go Math!

Math in Focus Singapore Math

You can find out more about Math in Focus Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish here  

Families may also find these tutorials helpful.

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