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Welcome to Math Matters, the website for elementary mathematics resources for AB families. Our goals are to share current information, ideas, tools, and resources for individuals and families seeking to support elementary math instruction at home.

"What was good enough for us in learning mathematics is not good enough for our children.... The way we've traditionally been taught mathematics has created a recurring cycle of math phobia, generation to generation, that has been difficult to break." -Marilyn Burns  in Math: Facing an American Phobia

"Children who expect math to make sense will puzzle over what they don't understand, ask questions and try things out to see what happens. They are persistent and work to make sense." 
-Kathy Richardson in How Children Learn Number Concepts

"The other measure is the quality of the products of an education system. ...Generally it is the total package of knowledge, ability, attitudes, perspectives, moral values, and ethical standards.  It is what the person can do in real life instead of scores received or years spent in school." -Yong Zhao in Catching Up or Leading the Way

"...Mathematics [is] a way of processing information--analyzing, organizing, hypothesizing, representing, modeling, justifying--all in the pursuit of solving problems. ...Computational speed is not the defining mark of a good mathematical thinker." -Christine Moynihan in Math Sense