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KQED, Northern California's NPR station, has created a section of their website called MindShift, dedicated to stories related to mindset.  A recent article on the website examined how a child's mindset can be influenced by their parent's reactions to the child's failures.  A parent who reacts to a "D" on a math quiz by asking the child what he learned from the quiz and how he might improve in the future, encourages a growth mindset in the child about their intelligence in the subject area.  A parent who reacts to a "D" on a math quiz by consoling with, "Well, you're still a good writer, don't worry." encourage a child to have a fixed mindset about their intelligence in the subject area.  Read more here.
Google Presentation

Mathematics and the Growth Mindset

Here is the February presentation on Mathematics and the Growth Mindset

Other Resources for Families
Jo Boaler's course How to Learn Math for Teachers and Parent
    Paid Course through Stanford to get completion certificate
Christopher Danielson's website Talking Math with Your Kids
Bedtime Math - Great website/App/Facebook page to improve math for all kids k-2, but recent research has shown especially good for kids whose parents have math-anxiety

Handouts from Presentation

Additional Math Resources for Families

Carol Dweck Revists Growth Mindset

Open Mathematics Resources

A Few Games to Develop Number Sense
How Close to 100 - Rules - Game Board

Articles on Mathematics and Mindset